Chicago STEM CampUs

June 23, 2015

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For rising 9th grade students in need of an extra push, the We Are Ready program offers an intensive one-week, immersion summer camp on a university campus. Students map out their next academic moves between meals in the cafeteria, classes in lecture halls and lights out in the dorms.

Key components of STEM CampUs

• Overview of life in high school and college
• CampUs and STEM department tours
• Meetings with admissions officers
• Mock college applications and interviews
• Financial aid education
• STEM entrepreneurial “Shark Tank” style business competition
• Career planning and resume writing
• Evening STEM Career Panels
• High school options and graduation requirements

Get Involved!

University of Chicago:
Residence Hall
6031 S. Ellis Avenue
Chicago IL 60637

Business Plan Advisors: serve as a business development mentor/ advisor to students as they work on their business plan competition project, which they present at the end of the camp to a panel of judges.
• Time: 3:15-5:30 PM
• Upcoming Dates: Monday July 27- Wednesday July 29

Career Panelists Description: Sit on a career panel with other STEM professional. Student questions will address: your industry, daily job and projects you’re working on, you’re educational path, challenges you’ve overcome and the success you’ve found by persevering.
• Time: 11:30AM-12:30AM
• Upcoming Dates: Monday July 27- Wednesday July 29

Business Competition Judge Description: Serve on the judges panel during the business plan contest final presentations, lending your expert knowledge to help give constructive criticism to the student presentations.
• Time: Morning (time TBD)
• Upcoming Dates: Thursday July 30

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